Six students from the University of Pittsburgh Honors College trek across Mongolia in search of illumination, perspective, and the perfect cup of Yak-milk tea.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Yeah, Mongolia!!!!

So we have finally arrived. Well a few days ago but internet has been slow and I 've been too preoccupied to post anything, but I have a few minutes before our next class today. it is very nice to be settled in an apartment where we can keep all of our stuff for a while and cook. I think we all needed a rest. We have 3 hours of Mongolian every morning and then more lectures in the afternoon so it is a good amount of schooling. Yesterday I had an adventure at the train station where I learned some of the dead ends that can be hit while living in a slightly messed up bureaucracy, sadly I am still with out my tubes. The weather is pretty nice here but very dusty and dry; I have yet to get a sunburn though which is really a miracle because it is very sunny. Ulaan Batar is a pretty interesting city type place. It has similar problems to any developing country, increasing crime rates being one of them but we are all being very careful and the boys are being very nice about walking us girls home. The politics are slightly backwards but not in the usual communist way, the laws are very bendable and the power seems to go out quite frequently for no apparent reason. There are many interesting people and lots of interesting drivers around every corner, driving laws don't really matter here so that is always fun and scary. Last night Mike, Allison, Amy and I went to the local English/Australian bar on Sukh Batar square (the main square) and ended up playing trivia. It was slightly biased towards Australians but we didn't lose, some drunk geologists with jet lag did that for us. It was very fun though and a good way to meet the ex-patriots/english speakers around. This weekend we are going to the Black Market and to a park about 30 km away with horses. The next weekend we are venturing to Quarqorum, the old Mongol capital in the dessert and then the weekend after that we are going somewhere else, I don't remember where though. And then after that it is into the field for a few weeks for me; it should be interesting. After that I am going to hit up the OT in the Gobi which is where they do mineral analysis and I can probably get a free trip there so while I don't know what the OT is exactly I'm very excited about that too. All in all it is turning out to be a very interesting and eye-opening experience. I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer as much as I am.