Six students from the University of Pittsburgh Honors College trek across Mongolia in search of illumination, perspective, and the perfect cup of Yak-milk tea.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pizza Party!

While you may all think that we are in the exotic land of the Mongols, we're really hold up in a house in Oakland working on a project that I can't tell you about because then I'd have to kill you and eating pizza from Vocelli's. Just kidding we actually are in Mongolia but we are celebrating our month long anniversary of travelling by going out for Pizza tonight and then tomorrow, after a very long day of class, we are going to hopefully win trivia with our new superpower team complete with a Mongolian and an Australian.
The weather has started getting nice here again so we are hoping that we can spend lots more time outside. So this weekend we are going on another day adventure to the country side where we can practice our horse riding skills. The American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) is hosting a Smithsonian Archeology conference on Deer Stones this Saturday and 3 of us will also me attending that. So this weekend will be filled up but it will be nice to enjoy the smog filled sky of UB this weekend. And hopefully we'll have enough energy to go to a disco and see Star Wars (coming out Friday). We have been pathetically lazy for the past couple weeks and today our economics professor actually asked us where we had been to far and we told that we hadn't really gone out, it was very sad.
Our classes are going to be ending mid-next week which will be a nice change and make our summer break seem a little more like summer, except for those people who have structured internships (meaning Mike). John and I are leaving for the field next week so it will be nice to get started on my project. I was supposed to sample some cores but the guy left a few days ago so I have to wait until next week to find him. I just learned this from a very interesting and large German professor who enlightened us on the problems of the modern rural Mongolian herders. We have had some really good lecturers this week so while waking up for class every day sucks we are at least getting something out of it. Well I think that's enough of me blabbering for now. Hope everyone's enjoying their summer at home. Peace (hehe, I can't really pull that off).