Six students from the University of Pittsburgh Honors College trek across Mongolia in search of illumination, perspective, and the perfect cup of Yak-milk tea.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

"The Phlegmatic Dog," Yoga Pose or Name Of The Internet Cafe I'm Sitting In Right Now?

    If you guessed "Name of the Internet Cafe I'm Sitting In Right Now," you're correct! Not surprisingly, you win absolutely nothing.
    I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Moscow named The Phlegmatic Dog. The space itself is infinitely cooler than I ever will be, which isn't particularly difficult to do, but is quite a lot of fun to say. Haha, I called it "the space," I think the ambiance is wearing off on me. To my right, two young German women are reading about potential economic reforms Schroeder might be forced to make in order to keep his job. Across the table from me, a young Japanese man in a black and green track suit (think Run DMC, except just one guy, he's Japanese, and he's in an internet cafe. Look, I'm currently enrolled in a Clarifying Example workshop, and I could really use your support.) types away furiously, bobbing his head to the unintelligible EuroTechno that blares overhead.
    Today we had a walking tour of a central section of Moscow, seeing St. Basil's Cathedral (think of a block of cheese, yet styled into a Russian Orthodox church, but the cheese is virtually indistinguishable from stone), Red Square, the KGB (new name: FSB, same motto: "Try it and we'll kill you."), and many statues with riders holding wickedly curved swords who also seem to be saying, "Try it and we'll kill you."
    Later today, we'll be rambling over to Moscow State University, where we will meet with some students, and ideally, play the Russian version of Dungeons and Dragons: "Try It And We'll Make You Read The Same Moderately Amusing Joke Over and Over."
    I think that's all for now. Three days from now, we'll be dropping our duffel bags in Ulaan Bataar for the last leg of our adventure. Keep reading, happy hunting, many fruitful tax deductions, and draft picks to be named later.